Installation (Twincam)




Warning!!! Do NOT turn the knob on the Level accumulator before the hose from the shock absorbers has been connected.


Shock absorber kit content:


1 pc Shock absorbers and accumulator package with hose to be connected to

†††††††† Level accumulator.


1 pc Level accumulator


2 pc Clamps for Level accumulator



Necessary equipment for installation:


†††††††††††††† 1 3/4" Wrench

†††††††††††††† 1 10mm Wrench

†††††††††††††† 1 4mm Allen head key

†††††††††††††† 1 lifting device for the motorcycle




1, Remove the old shock absorbers. The 2 original bolts with washers (rear attachment) will be used again for the Soft Rideinstallation.


2, Install Soft Ride , with all hoses oriented upwards. Be careful with all hoses and do not remove any of them. It is also important not to turn the shock absorbers while the nut for the forward attachment is tightened.††


3, Install the Lever accumulator with the clamps. Place the Level accumulator beneath parallel to swing axle. Fit the clamps to the swing axle and Level accumulator, do not tighten them yet. Warning!!! Do NOT turn the knob on the level accumulator before the hose from the shock absorbers are connected.

Remove the protection plug from the Level accumulator and the yellow protection cap from the hose. Connect the hose to the Level accumulator. Adjust the position of the Level accumulator and tighten the clamps. Depending on the position of the Level accumulator a minor cut out may have to be made in the belt cover.

4, The installation is now finished. The motorcycle is now in itís lowest level which will affect the angle of the motorcycle when itís parked on itís stand. Because of this, be careful so that the motorcycle do not tip over after removing the lift device. Rest the motorcycle on itís stand and turn the knobon the Level accumulator (counter clock wise), the motorcycle will now raise to itís highest level. Sit on the motorcycle and it will go down to itís lowest level.

The levelcan be set anywere between the highest and lowest level by shutting the knob when desired level is obtained.

In the case that the motorcycle is heavier than normal for some reason, it may need a little help to reach the highest position.